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The holy grail of beauty – you want to look like a younger, fresher version of yourself? Well, here’s how…

Filler injection for male face in beauty clinic
17 July 2019

Wrinkle Reduction

Gone are the days of having to undergo the surgeon’s knife to get a more youthful appearance. Wrinkle reduction injections are becoming ever more popular and are offering people fresher, more youthful-looking skin with little disturbance to everyday life.

Our way of implementing wrinkle reduction injections is to reduce the level of muscle activity in the areas of concern as this activity is what causes the lines. The treatment allows the muscles to relax for 3 -4 months, which allows the skin to rest and the wrinkles to soften.


  • Creates natural-looking results
  • Diminishes worry lines and frown lines to give a more relaxed appearance
  • We can give tailored advice for what’s best for your face
  • Lifts your eyebrows and reduces the creases around your eyes, including crows feet
  • Improves lines and wrinkles caused by repeated facial expressions
  • Has been known to reduce migraines in some migraine sufferers

After the Injections

It takes about 20 minutes for the solution to settle so it is best to stay upright immediately after treatment and also not to do any strenuous exercise straight after treatment.

You may be a little red or blotchy for a few hours in the areas where you have been injected, this is completely normal and is nothing to worry about. Some people may also have a headache for a few hours but painkillers should work to eliminate this. If you do suffer from a headache for more than 48 hours or get any other symptoms such as nausea, you should contact us.

For a few hours after treatment, we advise that you gently exercise the treated muscles by using them, for example frowning or smiling as frequently as possible as there has been evidence to show that this helps to improve the results. At the same time, try to avoid touching the affected areas as you do not want the product to accidentally spread to other areas of the face. We will give you full aftercare instructions.

You will start to see the difference in the skin over the next 2-5 days and it can take a maximum of 2 weeks for the results to fully appear. The effects last around 3-4 months and you should avoid smoking if possible excess alcohol, exposure to the sun for long periods and try not to get too stressed out.

Drink Plenty of Water

Drink more water. It is known that drinking water is good for our skin and for our general well-being. At least 8 glasses of water per day can help the body and skin eliminate toxins. Drinking plenty of water seems to give a person’s skin a more radiant glow and can even reduce acne and other skin problems.

It is also known to speed up your metabolism, regulate your body temperature and even reduce bad breath, so it’s worth giving it a go. What have you got to lose?

Get More Sleep

Studies show that a bad night’s sleep can actually affect your face and skincare. You could suffer from hanging eyelids, swollen eyes, dark circles, more wrinkles and fine lines, droopier corners of the mouth and you may even look a bit paler.

Sleep is the body’s way of restoring and repairing itself. When you are asleep, your skin’s blood flow increases and the body rebuilds its collagen and repairs itself from UV exposure, which can reduce age, spots, wrinkles, and fine lines. It is preferable to get around 7-9 hours of sleep every night.

If you would like to talk to us about looking more youthful call us on 0113 468 4666 today.

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