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Amalgam Fillings in Leeds

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Exploring options for dental fillings? Our amalgam fillings could be the answer. Known for their durability, these fillings promise to support your dental health for years to come, giving you one less thing to worry about. Reach out today and discover how choosing amalgam can be a practical step towards a carefree smile.

What are Amalgam Fillings?

Amalgam fillings are a classic choice for repairing teeth, offering a silver-coloured solution that combines durability with a long lifespan. When cared for properly, these fillings can last for 20 years or more.

Using a mix of mercury and other metals like silver, tin, and copper, amalgam fillings are celebrated for their robustness, often outlasting other types, except for the more costly gold option. They’ve been trusted for over 150 years to restore the appearance and function of teeth, ensuring a long-term fix for damage or decay.

Benefits of Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam fillings come with a full range of benefits, including:

Amalgam fillings are known for their exceptional strength, making them reliable for back teeth where chewing forces are greatest. They stand up to wear and tear, ensuring your fillings last longer.

When it comes to getting value for your money, amalgam fillings are a smart choice. They offer a durable solution at a lower cost than other materials, providing a budget-friendly option without compromising quality.

One of the standout benefits of amalgam fillings is their longevity. With proper care, these fillings can last for decades, reducing the need for frequent replacements and saving you time and money in the long run.

With over 150 years of use, amalgam fillings have a well-established history of safety and effectiveness. This long-term track record gives many patients and professionals confidence in their use for dental repairs.

Why Choose Aesthetique For Your Amalgam Fillings?

At Aesthetique, we take pride in our approach to amalgam fillings. Our team brings a wealth of experience, ensuring every filling is done with precision for durability and comfort.

We combine traditional skills with modern dental techniques to create fillings that are not only reliable but also contribute to your overall dental health. Choosing us means putting your smile in the hands of professionals who truly care about the quality of their work and your satisfaction.

Amalgam Filling FAQs

  • Amalgam Fillings vs Composite: What is the difference?
    Amalgam fillings and composite fillings are common choices, though they do have their differences. Amalgam fillings, made of a durable metal mixture, are ideal for back teeth due to their strength and cost-effectiveness, but they're noticeable due to their metallic colour. Composite fillings, crafted from a tooth-coloured resin, blend naturally with your teeth, making them perfect for visible areas despite being more expensive and less durable. The choice between amalgam and composite depends on the need for durability, aesthetic preference, and budget.
  • Is amalgam safe?
    Yes, amalgam is safe. There have been some concerns over the use of mercury in amalgam fillings, however, scientific studies have shown that the small amount used is safe with no proof of a link to health issues. When in the alloy form with other metals, the chemical composition of mercury changes, making it harmless. In rare cases, some people very occasionally have allergies to amalgam and therefore opt for other treatments.
  • Are amalgam filling safe during pregnancy?
    Pregnant women should avoid amalgam fillings to stop mercury from passing onto their baby; our knowledgeable dentists can discuss any concerns you may have about dental treatment undertaken while pregnant.
  • How long do amalgam fillings last?
    Amalgam fillings are extremely hard-wearing and highly effective. On average, you can expect your amalgam filling to last for 15-20 years before needing to be replaced.
  • Can amalgam fillings be removed?
    Yes, amalgam fillings can be removed, but if it is in good condition it is usually best to leave them in place. If your filling is cracked, worn, or there is decay present, it can be removed and replaced.
  • Should I change my amalgam fillings for composite?
    Many people are increasingly opting for cosmetic dentistry for the aesthetic benefits, with composite fillings much less noticeable in the mouth. If you dislike the look of the amalgam, it can be replaced with composite. Your dentist will remove the silver amalgam and any damaged tooth material, apply the composite and harden with a special light. Composite fillings are now very durable, with similar strength qualities to amalgam.
  • Are amalgam fillings expensive?
    Amalgam fillings are a very affordable way to repair a tooth cavity. They are very cost-effective, as they offer longer lasting, long-term results and can last many years with proper care.
  • Will my amalgam filling look natural?
    The short answer is no. Amalgam fillings are silver and so much more noticeable in the mouth when you laugh or talk. For this reason, they are best suited to the back of the mouth where they won’t be as visible. If you are worried about your filling looking natural, it may be better to opt for a composite filling. Composite is tooth coloured, can be matched to the natural shade of your teeth and blend seamlessly with your smile.
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