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Nervous Patients

Nervous teen at the dentist

If the thought of a dental appointment makes you feel nervous, we can help

At Aesthetique Dental Care, we have treated many nervous patients over the years and are dedicated to helping you overcome your fear of the dentist.

Feeling anxious about visiting the dentist is actually very common. In fact, as many as one in four of us can feel nervous before an appointment. While most of us are able to overcome this nervousness in order to attend a check-up, for other patients a fear of the dentist becomes a phobia. They can feel terror, dizziness and shaking at just the thought of a dental appointment. Often, this fear will result in putting off a visit until absolutely necessary, or avoiding altogether.

Why do I have a fear of the dentist?

There is no definitive reason why someone develops a fear of the dentist. Sometimes it will happen gradually, or sometimes is the result of one very bad experience. Some patients who haven’t visited a dentist for many years may remember a particularly bad visit from childhood.

A phobia can be a real problem for someone who requires urgent dental treatment. They will do absolutely anything to avoid a visit to the dentist, and may be in considerable pain or unable to eat as a result.

How can you help me overcome my fear of the dentist?

It is so important, if you can, to overcome the problem before it becomes too advanced. Please don’t live in pain because you are scared. When you can manage your fear and are able to visit the dentist on a regular basis you’ll find these appointments quick and comfortable. It’s also much more likely you’ll avoid the need for involved treatments in the future.

Find the right dentist!

We have plenty of experience in the treatment of nervous patients. Just explain your needs to us and we will accommodate you. You are very welcome to visit us for a look around or to meet our staff before your appointment. Over time, you will get to know us and build trust in your dentist. We will also get to know you and understand your individual requirements.

Talk to us!

Please don’t feel silly or embarrassed about the state of your teeth; we really have seen it all! Just tell us how we can help you and we will try our best. We see a variety of different patients on a daily basis. We understand that everyone is different and we are more than happy to accommodate you.

Feel more at ease!

We have experience in helping nervous patients through their treatment. We can provide stress balls for you to squeeze and a selection of music on Spotify, if this would help. Alternatively, one of our friendly nurses will happily hold your hand throughout treatment if it makes you feel calmer. If, at any point, you’d like us to stop treatment, simply raise your hand. It is likely your check-up will be over before you realise it.

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