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Transform Your Smile with Invisalign: The Clear Choice for Teeth Straightening

Transform Your Smile with Invisalign: The Clear Choice for Teeth Straightening

Get Great Savings at our Invisalign Open Day – 24th June 2023! * According to recent surveys, a significant number of individuals in the UK express dissatisfaction with their smiles. This highlights the importance of addressing dental concerns and the positive impact that Invisalign can have on self-confidence and overall well-being. Are you dreaming of…

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We give you the lowdown on teeth whitening in time for the summer season.

Having a bright, white smile is something that many people desire, and there are numerous teeth whitening options available to help achieve this goal. One popular option is the Enlighten teeth whitening system, which has gained a reputation as one of the most effective teeth whitening treatments on the market. Here at Aesthetique Dental Care…

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Want straighter teeth but don’t know where to start? Let us be your orthodontic guide…

More than three-quarters (84%) of orthodontists have seen a spike in adult patients according to the British Orthodontic Society (BOS). So, why is it becoming so popular? We focus on some of the benefits of getting orthodontic treatment and the different options available. Orthodontics Here at Aesthetique Dental Care in Leeds, we offer several different…

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Nervous about seeing a dentist? We can help you.

Nervous Patients If you feel nervous about seeing a dentist and have been putting off having dental treatment, we can help. At Aesthetique Dental Care in Leeds, we have treated many anxious patients over the years, and we are committed to helping nervous patients get the dental care they need. We understand your feelings, and…

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Treat Yourself to a Smile Makeover in the New Year

Are you happy with your smile? According to the Independent and several other studies, half of Brits are unhappy with their smiles. The most disliked aspects are discolouration of teeth and crooked teeth. Do you dream of having straighter, whiter teeth? Or would you like to close gaps in your smile? Maybe you’d like to…

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Seven seasonal dental tips from us to you.

The festive period can mean numerous things to various people. For some, it’s a time of faith, for others, it’s a time for family, for some, it’s social, for others it’s peaceful. However you spend your days over Christmas, it’s highly probable you will indulge in some food and drink. The shops are certainly awash…

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Sugar and its effect on your teeth – be sugar savvy this season…

We are fast approaching what could be called ‘sugar season.’ Halloween treats, toasted marshmallows & toffee apples on bonfire night, and then the finale of Christmas. We often indulge more in sugary sweet treats at this time of year. In fact, according to the NHS Better Health page, kids consume double the amount of sugar…

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Missing Teeth? We can help you fix them…

Having missing teeth can cause a huge loss in confidence, as well as playing havoc with eating and speaking. Please don’t suffer in silence. Modern dentistry means you can replace missing teeth with the next best thing, dental implants.

Dental implants are a long-term solution for gaps in your teeth. The implant comprises a strong, titanium, small screw, that is placed in the jaw to replicate the root of the tooth. Titanium is used, as it is well-tolerated by the body and rarely has any adverse side effects.

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“Prevention is better than cure”

The beginnings of the phrase “prevention is better than cure” has been attributed to the Dutch philosopher Desiderius Erasmus as far back as the 1500s. We may not be sure what he was referring to, but the saying certainly is relevant in the world of dentistry today! Here at Aesthetique Dental Care in Leeds, our…

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Wisdom Teeth – we tell you everything you need to know…

Wisdom teeth, aka third molars, were present so that our ancestors could chew coarse rough food and hard produce such as nuts, roots, meats, and leaves, according to anthropologists. These days we don’t need to be gnarling on such foods and generally use knives and forks, but we still get wisdom teeth. So, do we…

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