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Why Does My Mouth Produce Lots of Saliva? A Breakdown of What’s Going On

Excess Saliva
9 May 2024

Ever wonder why your mouth sometimes feels filled with excess saliva? You’re not alone. While it might seem trivial, excessive saliva can be quite puzzling and sometimes embarrassing. But before you start worrying, let’s explore what’s really going on with all that extra spit.

Should I Be Worried About Excessive Saliva?

In most cases, excessive saliva production isn’t something to lose sleep over. However, it can sometimes be a signal from your body that something else might be up. Understanding the underlying conditions that might cause excess saliva and knowing when to seek professional help is key to addressing potential issues without feeling any unnecessary stress.

Importance of Saliva Production for Oral Health

Saliva plays an important role in maintaining your oral health, and we produce 2 to 4 pints of saliva each day. Its superpowers include washing away food particles, which helps prevent tooth decay and cavities. Saliva also breaks down food for digestion and supplies high levels of calcium to strengthen your teeth. However, too little saliva can lead to dry mouth, increasing the risk of dental problems. So, while excess saliva production might be irritating, remember, it’s often better for your oral health than not having enough.

Causes of Excessive Saliva

When it comes to why your mouth might have more spit than usual, there are a few culprits to consider:

Overproduction of Saliva

Excessive saliva can sometimes stem from infections, reactions to medications, or even poisoning. These conditions can stimulate your salivary glands to go into overdrive, creating more saliva than your mouth can handle.

Underlying Medical Conditions

Certain medical conditions can also lead to increased saliva production. For instance, hormonal changes during pregnancy, neurological conditions like Parkinson’s disease, ALS, or a stroke can interfere with your ability to swallow, leading to a build-up of saliva. Other medical conditions that can lead to excessive salivation include:

  • Sinus infections
  • Sore throats
  • Strep throat
  • Acid reflux

An enlarged tongue and misaligned teeth can also cause your mouth to produce extra saliva, in some cases leading to excessive drooling.

Neurological Conditions

Neurological issues, such as Parkinson’s disease or lateral sclerosis, often impact muscle control, making it hard to close your mouth or swallow properly, which can also result in sometimes severe drooling. Treatment options include therapies to improve muscle control, medications, and, in some cases, surgery.

Neuromuscular Disorders

Disorders such as cerebral palsy, facial nerve palsy, and myasthenia gravis affect the muscles around the mouth, which can exacerbate problems with saliva control. Managing these conditions often requires a comprehensive approach, including medication, therapy, and special oral appliances.

How Can You Treat Excessive Saliva Production?

Managing excessive saliva production can make a big difference in your daily comfort and oral health.

Home Remedies for Excessive Saliva

Simple home remedies can be quite effective. Regular oral hygiene practices like brushing and flossing, using mouthwash, and staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water can help manage saliva production.

Medical Help for Excessive Saliva

When home remedies aren’t enough, it’s time to consider professional help. Treatments can range from medications to manage saliva production to more involved interventions like BOTOX injections or even surgery.

In some cases, if your dentist doesn’t think surgery will work, radiation therapy could be used as an alternative. Consulting with a dental care professional can provide you with tailored solutions that best fit your needs.

Reach Out For Help Today

Remember, if hypersalivation is causing you concern, it’s perfectly okay to reach out for help. At our dental practice, your oral health is in the best hands. We can take a look at your salivary ducts and help you find the best way forward.

We’re committed to providing personalised treatment and compassionate care – that’s why we’re the go-to private dentist in Leeds. Book your consultation today.

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