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Tooth Wear & Bruxism

Teeth Grinding

Experiencing worn teeth, front teeth thinning at the bottom, or other signs of abrasion? You’re not alone. Bruxism, or teeth grinding, affects many and can lead to various forms of tooth wear. Reach out to our dentists today and we can help you protect your smile.

What causes bruxism?

Bruxism often stems from stress, anxiety, or sleep disorders, leading to unconscious teeth grinding, especially at night. This condition can also be the result of an abnormal bite or misaligned teeth, putting undue stress on certain teeth.

The excessive force of grinding your teeth can result in worn enamel, abraded tooth surfaces, and even changes in facial structure. Understanding the root causes of bruxism is the starting point for effective treatment and prevention of further dental wear.

Bruxism & Tooth Wear: Prevention and Treatment

The prevention and treatment of bruxism is tailored to your specific needs. Dental treatments might include using custom-fitted mouthguards at night to protect your smile from grinding or corrective dental procedures to align the teeth properly.

Addressing underlying issues such as stress or sleep disorders can also help in some cases. Costs for worn teeth repair vary, with options ranging from bonding and crowns to more advanced reconstructive treatments, depending on the severity of wear on your teeth.

Masseter Botox for Bruxism

One way to treat your bruxism is through masseter Botox. With this solution, we’ll inject Botox into your jaw to reduce the movement of your facial muscles. This can lower the amount of clenching and grinding you do, even when you sleep, protecting your teeth from continued wear and sensitivity. You may need a top-up every four months to make sure the bruxism Botox continues to work—your dentist will set up a tailored treatment plan to meet your specific needs.

Tooth Wear & Bruxism FAQs

Protect Your Smile With Aesthetique

Don’t let bruxism wear down your confidence and your smile. Early detection and proactive treatment will protect your teeth from further damage. Reach out to our team of dentists, and we’ll help you find the best way to restore your smile’s health and beauty.

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