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Dentures in Leeds

Doctor presenting dental impression for dentures

Natural looking cosmetic dentures made in-house at Aesthetique Dental Care

Do you have a number of missing teeth or several decayed or damaged teeth that need to be extracted and replaced? Do you struggle to eat certain foods? Do you avoid smiling and talking to people because you are embarrassed by your smile?

If so, a denture could offer you an effective, natural looking solution. Dentures help to restore the appearance and function of your teeth and enable you to eat, talk and smile with confidence.

Natural and realistic

Traditionally, dentures have been considered unattractive and uncomfortable to wear, causing issues with eating and speaking. However, the dentures available at Aesthetique Dental Care are some of the most well-fitted and comfortable offered on the market today.

Our dentures are designed and made with extreme accuracy, precision and care. They will fit so well that they’ll look as natural and realistic as your existing teeth. Your ability to smile and eat will return, and your denture will also help to restore vital structure to your face, particularly in the cheeks and lips which can lack support when several teeth are missing. This can result in a dramatically healthier and more youthful appearance.

What are dentures made of?

Dentures can be made from a variety of materials depending on your dental needs and personal preference.

Cobalt Chrome

Cast cobalt chrome is a highly stable and retentive material which can be used to make slim and incredibly strong dentures. The dentures consist of cobalt chrome on a gum coloured acrylic base, which sits on your teeth as well as being directly attached to them. This type of denture has the potential to last for many years as it does not require relining due to ongoing gum shrinkage, as many other types of partial denture do.


Valplast flexible dentures offer the ultimate in denture comfort and are also extremely strong. They are made from gum coloured acrylic, with no metal parts or clasps to hold them in place. The overall look and feel is highly aesthetic and natural.

Do I need a full or partial denture?

The type of denture you will have fitted depends on your individual dental needs, and if you need to replace all teeth or just a few in the arch. Both full and partial dentures can be easily removed for cleaning.

Full dentures

Full dentures are used when every single tooth is missing or needs to be replaced. They can be fitted in the top and bottom of the mouth. A full denture incorporates a gum coloured arch with a set of crowns attached to restore a smile.

Partial dentures

Partial dentures are used to replace one or several missing teeth, which may be scattered around your mouth. They consist of an acrylic or metal plate with crowns attached in the correct places to fill the gaps in your smile. The plate is held in place with hooks, anchoring it to your existing teeth. If other teeth need to be extracted in the future, it is relatively easy and inexpensive to add extra crowns to an existing partial denture.

How will my dentures be made?

The manufacture of a set of dentures is an intricate process which will take time to ensure it is done correctly. The length of treatment will differ on a case by case basis. Several appointments will be necessary so that we can measure and fit your dentures with care. A number of factors need to be considered in the design, including tooth size, shape, height and the location of your bite.

We work with a number of highly skilled dental technicians to ensure your dentures will fit perfectly and feel great.

Firstly, a wax model will be produced using impressions of your mouth. The model will be checked for fit, bite and comfort and adjusted as necessary. It will then be used to produce your final set of dentures.

Around 1-2 weeks after your initial appointment, your custom-made final denture will be ready and we will invite you in for the fitting.

You will need to return for a check-up around a week after your fitting appointment so we can make sure you are happy.

What can I expect when my dentures are first fitted?

It can take a little time to get used to a new set of dentures, particularly if they are full. However, the change you will notice to your appearance will be significant and you are sure to be pleased with your new look.


You may find it a little difficult to eat at first. If you are struggling, it’s best to stick with softer foods, gradually introducing harder items over time. You may also notice a slight increase in salivary flow which should improve after a couple of weeks.


You may find that certain words become hard to pronounce, but this is a common occurrence which also occurs after a dental brace is fitted. Your speech will improve quickly as you get used to the feel of the dentures in your mouth, and you may wish to repeat certain words out loud to practice them.

Sore Spots

If you notice any sore spots or irritation then it will be necessary for us to check your dentures. Sometimes, they can exert pressure on certain parts of the gum, but this can be relieved with a little readjustment.

How do I look after my dentures effectively?

The dentures we provide at Aesthetique Dental Care are extremely durable and have the potential to last for many years. Follow our tips below to ensure they remain strong and hygienic in the long-term. If you do notice any changes or have any problems with your dentures, it’s important to get in touch with us at the first opportunity so we can fully check them for you.

  • Visit us for regular dental check-ups, even if you have a full denture
  • Always remove your dentures at night (unless otherwise directed) so that your gums can rest
  • Clean your dentures with a special denture brush and denture cream. We advise you clean your dentures after every meal if possible
  • Store your dentures in cold water or denture fluid. If they dry out, they may go hard and lose their shape
  • Fully rinse your dentures before you put them back in
  • The success of your denture will depend on the health of your gums and any remaining teeth so don’t forget them too! Make sure to brush your mouth fully twice a day so that it stays clean and healthy.

Frequently asked questions

  • My dentures are loose and uncomfortable - what can I do?

    If you are suffering from or worried about your dentures becoming loose or uncomfortable fitting, you may want to consider having dental implants to hold them securely into place. The implants are fused to the jawbone, eliminating any slipping or moving. Just two implants fitted into the lower gum could work wonders in helping to retain a complete lower denture with the ultimate comfort, safety and strength.

  • Can I have a denture fitted immediately after a tooth extraction?

    It is normally possible to fit a removable denture immediately following the extraction of one or more teeth, to ensure you are not without teeth. Occasionally, a recovery period is required, but this will depend on your individual case.

    If a denture is fitted immediately, it will be considered temporary, as it is likely to require readjustment or replacement several months afterwards. This is due to gum shrinkage, which is very common after teeth have been extracted.

  • Will my dentures look natural?

    Many people worry that their new dentures will look too ‘false’. If you have an idea of how you’d like them to look, please talk to us early on in the process. We can keep certain features from your original teeth, perhaps add fillings to the crowns or even make some of the teeth slightly wonky if you’d like us to.

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