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Would you like new teeth in a day? All-on-4™ dental implants could be the answer

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14 August 2019

Many of us are unhappy with our teeth and according to a survey published by, forty percent of the UK population are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth. This unhappiness could be due to various reasons, ranging from discolouration because people have missing teeth, large gaps in their teeth or it could be that they are experiencing poor-fitting dentures.

Why replace missing teeth

If you do have teeth missing, it is important for you to do something about it. Not only because it is likely to make you feel better about your appearance but also because the gap left by a missing tooth can put greater strain on the teeth left behind on either side. The gap also often affects a person’s ‘bite’ because the teeth left behind tend to lean into the gap, which changes the way the upper and lower jaws bite together. It can also result in food debris getting stuck in the gap, which causes tooth decay and gum disease.

Ill-fitted dentures can be a real pain, not only in the sense that they can cause the wearer discomfort but also in the sense that they can slip when the wearer is trying to speak and move when they are eating, which can be embarrassing. If you are suffering from irritation from dentures in any way, then All-on-4™ dental implants may be the solution.

What are All-on-4 dental implants?

All-on-4™ is a technique for replacing teeth using fewer dental implants than traditional methods. It usually uses just four dental implants, which are strategically placed at a clever 30-45 degree angle, which means that those patients who have been told previously they don’t have high enough bone density for implants or those who have suffered bone loss should still be eligible to have the All-on-4™ treatment to replace missing teeth.

What are the benefits of All-on-4™?

  • Just four implants needed to support a full arch of fixed teeth
  • No need for bone grafting
  • Functional and good looking teeth in just one day
  • Less painful
  • Lower cost
  • High success rates

All-on-4™ is the ideal solution for people who thought their smile could never be restored and it eliminates those problems associated with tooth loss or wearing ill-fitting dentures.

What is the procedure?

  • Initially, your oral health will be checked and you may need to have some x-rays and a CT scan.
  • The scan assesses suitability for the implants and the jaw bone density can be checked to determine exactly where the implants should be inserted.
  • The implants are surgically placed to take advantage of areas of higher bone density and so they will fuse completely with the jawbone.
  • The implants are placed at the front of your jaw and the rear on each side and are angled to offer greater support to the rear of the bridge.
  • When the implants have undergone a bonding process with the bone, the permanent teeth are fitted.

The All-on-4™ treatment is ground-breaking and allows people that have missing teeth to replace them with fully functioning teeth, allowing them to eat, chew, and chat with confidence, enjoying all those foods they have missed out on.

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