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Seven seasonal dental tips from us to you.

Christmas Tree with Decorations
22 December 2022

The festive period can mean numerous things to various people. For some, it’s a time of faith, for others, it’s a time for family, for some, it’s social, for others it’s peaceful. However you spend your days over Christmas, it’s highly probable you will indulge in some food and drink. The shops are certainly awash with tasty treats that can play merry havoc with your teeth, so check out these top tips for shiny happy teeth.  

Food platters

  1. Try not to graze – if you keep the sweet treats to mealtimes rather than all day, that’s preferable. If you graze on sugary foods and drinks all day your teeth don’t have chance to recover from the acid attack. It’s even better to drink water after you’ve eaten the sweet stuff to neutralise the acid.
  2. Avoid dental emergencies – sticky toffees are often the main culprit for dental emergencies over Christmas, especially if you’ve had dental restoration work. Toffees have been known to pull out a filling and can affect crowns, bridges, or veneers. Also, remember your teeth are not tools. We know for some people it seems easier opening bottles and nuts with your teeth, but we see a lot of dental emergencies which could have been avoided if they’d just picked up a bottle opener or nutcracker!
  3. Limit the fizz – it’s the acid in these fizzy, festive drinks that is the enemy. It doesn’t matter if they are diet, light or sugar free, try to limit your intake, because the acids dissolve the enamel on your teeth, causing tooth decay and can make teeth more sensitive and even discolour them.
  4. Try reusable straws – if you or your children will be drinking the odd fizzy drink, you can try using a reusable straw. This minimises the contact of sugar on your teeth, which will ultimately reduce the damage caused to your teeth.
  5. Dental hygiene routine – first thing in the morning and last thing at night are the best times to brush and floss your teeth. Try to keep up the brushing twice a day and flossing once a day as a minimum and remember to wait at least one hour after eating before brushing, especially at night for example.
  6. Say cheese! – the good news, if you like cheese, is that it is beneficial for your teeth. It helps reduce the acid levels in your mouth after eating, which in turn helps protect your teeth – so go on, tuck into that delicious cheese board!
  7. Chew sugarless gum – the gum produces more saliva, and this can help wash away harmful acids and sugars left on the teeth and gums.

2023 Celebration bannerIf you use these top tips over the festive period, you will be limiting the damage you do to your oral health. The Aesthetique Dental Care team wish you a thoroughly spectacular Christmas and New Year. May the new year, 2023, bring us all healthy, happy smiles!

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