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Get a Brighter, Whiter Smile this Summer…

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25 June 2021

It has certainly been a strange time lately but there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel as Covid-19 restrictions start to be lifted. Weddings are now allowed with greater guest numbers and although our landscape looks a lot different to that of several years ago, some things don’t seem to change, and that is the satisfaction from feeling and looking our best.

Have you ever considered teeth whitening?

Many of us have considered this ever-popular dental treatment and this is not surprising. Studies show that our smile is the most remembered and noticed feature when we initially meet someone new. In addition, the social media and celebrity culture we are living in has highlighted how easy and affordable it is to achieve that brighter, whiter smile. Teeth whitening is a quick and safe way to enhance, refresh and even totally transform your smile. The dental treatment is pain-free and convenient, and patient feedback at our private dentist in Leeds has informed us that the fast results and self-confidence after receiving treatment are a massive plus point.

What happens during teeth whitening?

Laser Light Teeth WhiteningIt is considered that in-surgery teeth whitening is usually the most powerful teeth whitening process. It will give you more noticeable results more quickly, so if time restraints are a factor, then you should consider this option.

Before your treatment starts your gums will be protected with either a special gel or a cover that is specifically designed for the job. Bleach is then applied to your teeth, avoiding the gums, and a UV light is applied to quickly lighten the colour of the teeth. The process takes around one hour but may require extra treatment if you are looking for a very white shade or if there has been intense staining on the teeth previously.

Home whitening kits can also be used at your convenience from the comfort of your home. Teeth impressions will be taken, and a customised tray will be made. You can then apply the bleaching gel in the tooth tray and wear it regularly at home for 30-60 minutes over a few weeks.

Why do our teeth become discoloured?

Whiter Smile Before and After

Our teeth naturally become darker over time and through no fault of our own. It occurs simply as part of the ageing process, and it happens to everyone. For some people, it is a more drastic discolouration, and lifestyle choices, such as smoking, drinking tea, coffee and red wine will all contribute to the staining and darkening of the teeth. Certain medications can also play a part in darkening our teeth and no matter how much you brush and look after your teeth, it is impossible to stop this colour change. This is where tooth whitening comes into play.

Is tooth whitening suitable for me?

Tooth whitening is suitable for most people. If the teeth have extremely bad staining as a result of tetracycline or fluorosis then the whitening treatment may not be successful or may require several doses. Prosthetic devices such as crowns, dental implants, dentures, and bridges cannot be whitened, however, you could consider getting your natural teeth whitened and then matching some new prosthetics afterwards.

Teeth whitening should be pain-free, although a bit of tooth sensitivity can sometimes occur, which should improve once the treatment is finished. It is a relatively fuss-free dental treatment that can give dramatic results and can even make people appear more youthful. It is a popular treatment option at our dental practice, and we have treated many satisfied patients. You can read some of our patient testimonials here.

If you would like to chat through any dental treatments on offer at Aesthetique Dental Care in Leeds or would like to book for teeth whitening, please call our friendly team on 0113 245 8066 or email

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